The Really Sweet Side-Effects of Strawberries

Posted on: January 7th, 2016

Posted in: Zing Healthy Foods

When it comes to healthy eating, it doesn’t get much sweeter than strawberries. This little red fruit packs a major health kick in each little morsel. As a healthy snack or a succulent addition to your recipes, strawberries offer more than just taste.

In case you didn’t know, here are just some of this super sweet berry’s benefits:

  1. Helps Burn Stored Fat: The chemical that turns strawberries red also helps burn fat. Don’t worry, the shade only comes out on the berry, you’ll need to spend more time in the sun to turn that red.
  2. Short-Term Memory Booster: That same chemical will help you remember things. And even better, you won’t forget something (maybe it’s time for another strawberry)
  3. Low in Calories/High in Fiber: Good news! The sweetness is full of fibre so it helps regulate sugar levels. They’re the perfect guilt-free, tasty treat.
  4. High in Vitamin C: Just 1 cup has more than 100% of the daily recommended levels. So ditch the yucky cough medicine, kicking the common cold just got sweeter.
  5. Reduce Cardiovascular Disease: Studies suggest 3 or more servings a week can cut the risk of heart attack by 30%. We don’t recommend adding 30% more junk food to compensate.
  6. Lower inflammation and hypertension: Relax with a good book and cup of strawberries. Feel your worries melt away.



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