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Thanks for dropping by to see what Orangeline Farms is all about. We know you care about what you feed yourself and your family. Well, so do we. We also know that eating right is important to your healthy lifestyle. That’s high on our list too. Or maybe you’re here because you need a little ZING in your life (don’t we all?).

Orangeline Farms is a boutique greenhouse grower. That means we’re involved in every single step of the process – from the farm to plate. Our award-winning, specialty products include signature peppers, European Runner Beans and our Super Sweet Strawberries. Currently, our produce is available in select locations across North America – and we’re always on the look-out for new places to bring the ZING!


When it comes to choosing ingredients, there’s no substitute for the best. Take your recipes to the next level by using Orangeline’s top-quality produce. Whether it’s a selection of specialty peppers, our Super Sweet™ Strawberries or a bunch of European Runner Beans, make your creations sing with Zing!

Vitamin A

You could call Vitamin A the “vision vitamin”. You’ll see the benefits of peppers more clearly, from reducing dry-eye and night blindness to sharpening your sight.


Do you follow your heart or your brain? Folate takes care of both. It helps the brain stay young and may fight depression. Not to mention it bumps up your supply of red blood cells.

Vitamin K

No bones about it, Vitamin K helps keep your skeleton strong. This reduces fractures and may even help avoid osteoporosis, a disease leading to more fragile bones. Peppers, they do a body good!

Vitamin C

It's all about the common cold, right? Nope! Vitamin C knocks out all kinds of other ailments, as well as promote stronger cognitive functions. Healthy Body, Healthy Brain, Healthy You.


Riboflavin, the vitamin formerly known as “G”, acts as natural body booster. Feeling sluggish? Pop a pepper, this vitamin can help get ya goin’ again.


We all know fibre helps you feel full. But, did you know it can reduce the risk of some major health problems, including diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers?


Did You Know?

Peppers are packed with vitamins and this page is packed with facts. Check them out and eat a pepper to help you remember.


1. A large red pepper can have up to 3 TIMES the Vitamin C of an orange of the same scale. That means, pound for pound, peppers give you more to kick the common cold.

2. Want to sound smart at parties? Tell your friends that because they have seeds and come from a flowering plant, peppers are actually fruits, not veggies.

3. Bell peppers are in the Capsicum family, but don’t contain capsaicin. That’s what gives their spicier relatives a kick.

4. High heat can destroy a pepper’s nutrients. For maximum benefit, eat ‘em raw or cooked at low heat for a short time.

5. The riper the pepper, the brighter the colour. And the brighter the colour, the sweeter and healthier it is. So let ‘em age to perfection. But if they start turning green again, you probably went too long.

6. Bell peppers come in a rainbow of colours green, red, yellow, orange, even black, brown and purple.

Hot off the Press

Check out our blog for news and updates and see how Orangeline is bringing the Zing!

Release your inner Zing!

We’re looking to recruit fresh talent in the industry to join our team. Healthy food is our specialty, and that passion goes into everything that we do, including promoting a healthy, active lifestyle for our entire Orangeline Farms family. If you’re looking to be part of an innovative, energetic and amazing group, drop us a line!

"The people here may work for Orangeline Farms, but we’ve created a corporate culture that works for them. We know that people want to take pride in what they do, and part of that is working for a company that recognizes their contributions."

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